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Extracting Roster from openfire.script?

Howdy all,

Its been about a year and my server has been running great. Yesterday an issue occurred and the server completely crashed. Error logs only indicate a memory error. Long story short, i can not start the server any more. If i remove the ‘openfire’ from /usr/local/ and reinstall, i can start a new one with no issue, infact thats what ive done to get by. BUT no matter what, i can not boot the server up if i use the old openfire.script which i might add is over 300 megs. This is because we have over 500 users in the roster. My question is, is there a way to extract the user roster from this openfire.script to be able to import it back into the new server? I know if i had exported it BEFORE it crashed i could have BUT that is not the case. ANY help would be wonderful. I have a feeling the reason the server crashed is that i had 1024 mg allocated to the Java Memory and the machine finally over took that mark since the server only HAD 1g RAM.

Original Server Specs:

PowerPC MacMini

OS 10.5.8

Server 3.6.4


1g RAM

NEW Specs

Intel MacMini

OS 10.6.1

Server 3.6.4


2g RAM