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Extremely slow Smack 2.1 to Messenger 2.2.2 connection

I recently upgraded to Smack 2.1 and I’‘ve noticed that making connections to a 2.2.2 Messenger is very, very slow. I thought maybe I’'d changed something in my app but when I rebuild with Smack 2.0 the connections are established almost immediately.

Do Smack 2.1 and Messenger 2.2.2 not play well together? I haven’‘t upgraded my Messenger because I had TLS problems when I did that - posted in another thread. In addition the Perl Net::XMPP code that we use for a CLI doesn’'t play well with Messenger 2.3.

Is this a known issue or should I do some diagnostics to isolate the problem?

… WkH

A little additional information. I did a tcpdump with the 2.0 and the 2.1 libraries. In the former case I begin seeing packets almost immediately after the XMPPConnection is created. In the later case there is a long delay, measured in minutes, before packets finally start flowing. Which begs the question: what is Smack doing during the delay. I haven’'t cracked open the source code yet but the only thing I can think could be happening is some sort of DNS resolultion activity.

… WkH