Facebook icon not seem in spark

hi, i have just installed openfire 3.7 and spark 2.5.8… i have install kraken plugin 1.1.3 into my openfire server, however after i selected facebook as one of the gateway, the icon is not shown in my spark client, other gateway is working fine. Have anyone encounter this problem or have a solution to it?

Thank you

I suggest to try latest Spark version. Facebook transport has been added in the latest versions i think.

http://bamboo.igniterealtime.org/browse/SPARK-INSTALL4J/latest go to Artifacts > Install4j and download the first installer

thanks, however my openfire 3.7.0 crashes with kraken when i upload the plugin, openfire shows some errors. and i read through the sites, they say kraken still not functioning with 3.7.0 openfire, so i install 3.6.4. no error shows with i upload kraken…only “ignoring plugin search: required server version 3.7.0” and some other error that does not stop openfire.

the problem is now. with the spark verson that u gave me , i can finally see the facebook icon. thanks alot, but after i sign in, it seems to be signed into facebook cos when i click again on the icon it only shows " sign out", however all the contact in my facebook is not brought over to spark, the contact page is still empty.

hope you will have any solution to this.

Thank you.

With Openfire 3.7.0 you should use Kraken 1.1.3 Beta 3 version. Sorry i can’t say anything about facebook transport not working. You should ask plugin’s author at http://kraken.blathersource.org/