Facebook or gmail type chat

Dear all,

I have successfully installed Openfire with Jwchat as Instant messenger for my website. As Jwchat act as Pop up Window, it is getting blocked at many computer. I looking for some client or library which can help to develop or customize the way Gmail or Facebook style chat.

I am not sure which is correct path to move forward so that I get the chat as available on Openfire igniterealtime website. I have tried with Spark, Sparkweb, JWChat which are basically popup windows style. I need something in Gmail or facebook which can embedded within website. Please help.

I am not sure whether Whack or XIFF or SMACK or TInder which one I should try to customize. The chat on Openfire chat is alo good but not sure which one we used. Ijab do not work on my server. Not sure why ?

  • Whack Dev
  • Spark Dev
  • SparkWeb
  • Smack
  • XIFF
  • Tinder

Please help or guide me to move forward.


You can’t use chat on igniterealtime.org as it wasn’t open sourced by Jive Software. SparkWeb is not using popups as far as i know. If you want to create custom web client yo ucan use XIFF as it’s a library for flash based chat program.

But If I use XIFF, then again Flash is in picture which will act as " loading " & will take time. It will be again pop up window type. I am looking for client which is almost like Gmail or Facebook or similar type. Atleast guide should I use JSJAC or SMACK & have my own GUI interface in the form gmail or facebook is there… Please provide the pointers.

Smack is java based so probably you won’t be able to use it for a web client. Jsjac looks like a best variant you have proposed yourself. It is javascript and looks like support ajax, and gmail chat is on ajax i believe. Can’t give any more pointers, not a developer myself.