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Fail to use Strophe with connection manager

hello everyone!

 when Strophe->openfire is ok,and got:

00:00:00.000 Strophe.js Echobot Example

10.013 5101 3029 9 requests

The 4th reponse is:stream:featureszlib</stream:features>

spark->CM->openfire is ok;

but Strophe->CM->openfire doesn't work, and only got  4 post request like:

00:01:32.192 Strophe.js Echobot Example

9.434 2542 1460 4 requests

The last reponse:

testserver128 is openfire server and testserver77.com is CM server.

openfire version:3.7

cm version:3.6

Thanks for any information.

best regards

Strophe->CM->openfire got AUTH_FAIL stat .

Chang client from Strophe to Jsjac it works well

I did not get AUTH_FAIL stat when I use Strophe with connection manager .I got errors as following:




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*why ? Can you help me ?