Failed login to admin console after installed in Window Server 2k3

Dear All,

Trying to install openfire in the test server with using AD, but i failed to login to the admin console after finished installation.

Attached herewith is the step installation, can you please teach or guide where i have done wrong.

Where can i change the ‘admin’ password? or Add new administrator?


Charles Toh
OpenFire Installation.doc (559616 Bytes)

try using admin as the password if you havent already. Thats what the admin account defaults to. If that doesnt work you can try re-running the setup.


in 3.6.0

i used domain name with user like ‘user@ooxx’ to login

but, in the auth code the user change to ‘user\40ooxx’

and the check domain code not execute

JDBCAuthProvider line 109

if (username.contains("@")) {

// Check that the specified domain matches the server’s domain

int index = username.indexOf("@");

String domain = username.substring(index + 1);

if (domain.equals(XMPPServer.getInstance().getServerInfo().getXMPPDomain())) {

username = username.substring(0, index);

} else {

// Unknown domain. Return authentication failed.

throw new UnauthorizedException();




I’ve try login name admin and password admin but failed. Reinstall a few time but still cant login… How to manually change password?

Have you tried admin\sgp-tes02** ** and admin as the password. I am not sure if you can change the password unless you are logged in.

Go to the Openfire directory, find the Conf directory, open it and edit the sparkweb.xml file with Wordpad and place this entry just after the entry;


Replace User_Name with a valid AD user name. This will make User-Name administrator on the OF box.