Failed logins not reporting back to client

Even though this is supposedly fixed here

I don’'t see any indication using beta-2 that anything is sent?

What kinds of failures are you seeing? (like what is the event that -should- be generating an error message … and what transport is it?)

What I am saying is that nothing is sent to the client from the service.

The transport I have tested is yahoo.

No XML stanza is sent back to the client indicating that the login failed.

So the client doesn’‘t know anything is wrong except that the transport doesn’'t seem to work.

Unsure if there is an appropriate message that can be sent back in JEP-077

Maybe something like that given in example 7 from JEP-077 :

Yahoo! Ah. Ok, thanks for the report! GATE-69

Your summary in jira suggests that yahoo is keeping silent about failed logins. But how can this be when the wildfire warn log explicitly says the login failed:

2006.09.25 21:17:47 Yahoo login failed for clive@localhost

You must know, and can thus report this back to the client.

That’'s the way I felt like phrasing it.

We are on the same page as to what the actual problem is. I just refer to it as “yahoo is” which is really referring to the yahoo transport.