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Failed to load Java VM library

I have one remote workstation where general users cannot launch Spark. I have tried v2.5.3, v2.5.5, and v2.5.6, all with the same results. It is always something with the JVM. After trying various things, the errors have been…

  1. “The JVM could not be started. The main method may have thrown an exception.”

  2. “… errno = 5” (did not copy the entire error on this one)

  3. “Failed to load Java VM library.” (this is the most current error)

Because it was isolated to non-admins, I have focused on security. Short of elevating the user’s rights (which I will not do), I have given them god access to every directory I can think of. I have even tried replacing the JRE with the JDK hoping that a resource was missing. Nothing has helped.

Any ideas?