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Failed to login - XMPP service using Embedded Database


When I try to login to the database over the web I get the folowing error.

Failed to login

I’m using the embedded database within openfire.

I can connect locall to the database without any issues. It seems it can find the relevent atbled and denies login.

Any ideas?


I don’t quite understand how are you connecting to database “over the web”. Do you mean Admin Console or is it some custom application you have?


Yes, correct, I’m using a custom application. The weird thing is I can connect locally and can see all the chat rooms etc.

It’s only when I try to login from home I get the error ‘failed to login: cannot find an activity room’


Do you use an IP address or did you set the xmpp.domain to a server name which you use locally and remote?

No I use a server (domain) name which has been added to the XMPP domain field.