Far end not appearing in Archive


we have a Wildfire 3.11 server and the 1.0 Beta 5a IM Gateway plugin installed along with the eval’’ Enterprise plugin (3.11).

I have been testing the gateway with a outside Yahoo user, which works great by the way!

On quick query however, the “Archive” in the Enterprise plug-in does not seem to be capturing the messages originating from the outside (yahoo) user. I see my messages from my internal Spark user to the external Yahoo user, but not the replies from the outside.

Any thoughts folks?


Hrm. I thought that had been fixed. (Gato and … someone else… took a look at it and thought they got it) Maybe they only got one direction? I’'ll point Gato to this and see if he has any thoughts. Thanks!


Glad to bring something to your attention that you guys thought was addressed.