Fasthpath Webchat agent problem

I have installed FastPath Service and Fasthpath Webchat onto openfire Server.I use Fastpath Webchat to allow communicate with customers online in pidgin client.It show active membres zero/no agent.But in client session,all members are shown.And whenever I click button with message Click on one of the following workgroups to join…then I find following message ****

*********Live Chat Not Available

Sorry we were not available to handle your request. Please try again later

You need to use Spark as your client for fastpath.

Hi ,

my queue is still empty…and same message display…!

  1. Make sure you have webchat installed

  2. Make sure you have fastpath support plug-in installed

  3. Make sure you have configured your workgroup

  4. Make sure you have added all agents to a workgroup

  5. Make sure all agents are using Spark client (only works with Spark)

Does this work?

Try following one of these guides:

Fastpath Quick Start Guide - LDAP Users

Fastpath Quick Start Guide - Local Users

Hey…Hey ,

openfire_3.6.0 is not working well with embeded database.Another is one when i use fastpath webchat with openfire_3.6.0 then debug log shows some errors like message…!And not working well…