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Fastpath added to SparkWeb with Red5 video and desktop sharing

The latest version of the Openfire Red5 plugin supports Openfire Fastpath and Webchat plugins from SparkWeb.


You can now use SparkWeb as a support agent to a workgroup queue and engage in a live support chat with a remote Webchat user on a website. It is fully compatible with Spark, but does not have all the Fastpath features of Spark yet.


It will also let a support agent start a Red5 audio/video conference or desktop share session with the remote user.


The requests will appear as Webchat co-browsing requests. The user clicks on the link to start the video conference in a web browser window.

The desktop sharing feature is very interesting. I tried to look more closely at what this is, but seems that there is not too much documentation on this feature as of yet, other than what I saw in blogs.*1 I saw reference to a VNC implementation, but looking at the sources seems there could be another open source tool in use (?). By the way, AFAIK TightVNC has been the original code base for many of the commercial and open source based VNC applications and projects, just for good mention. FlashLigh-VNC is newly released, as of this writing, open source Flash based viewer project if not already mentioned elsewhere that is very good.

http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/blogs/ignite/2007/08/30/desktop-screen-s haring-with-openfire


You are going to build an empire around the red5 Great to sea your improvements

Clearspace links on igniterealtime is a mess right now. I think the link is

_http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/blogs/ignite/2007/08/30/desktop-screen-s haring-with-openfire

I found that putting an underscore before pasting the link works

Thanks for the encouragement. The idea is get the army of Red5 Flex developers to stop re-inventing the IM/Presence wheel over again and made use of Openfire, SparkWeb and XIFF to jump start and add more interesting features that we can all use.

I have always been extremely impressed with your work Dele! Great job!

Hey Dele,

Great addition to SparkWeb, I noticed their is a small amount of time an agent is given to respond to chat request. I clocked it at 5 seconds, at that point the chat is dropped automatically on the users side however it does not appear to be dropped on the agent side. If you can post where to adjust the response time, that would be great. OTHERWISE…YOU ROCK! I bow to your skills

Try adjusting the queue settings

Daniel, Thanks mate

It is good to see you still stalk these grounds. You and David did a great job with SparkWeb. I am just standing on your shoulders

Best wishes on your new project

Hey Dele,

This is just IMPRESSIVE. What an excellent job! I guess that you had to modify the source code of Sparkweb to include this functionality. Would you be intersted in building a plugin-mechanishm in Sparkweb so that this functionality could be a plugin just like your red5 integration? We could list in the site the list of plugins available for SparkWeb.

Just an idea.


– Gato

Hi Gato, Happy thanksgiving. Yes, I had to implement the mandatory parts of XEP-0142: Workgroup Queues in XIFF, extend some base Sparkweb classes and make cosmetic changes to the UI.

It is a very good idea and if I recall correctly, Armando is planning on doing that

_http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/blogs/ignite/2008/08/17/roadmap-updates- for-sparkweb

He did mention that he would use the Red5 version of Sparkweb to identify plugin touchpoints

The link is dead, is there somewhere else I could get this plugin?


The project is also dead. This is the link to the last version