Fastpath agentname

This has been asked before, but most of the posts are pretty old. So here goes again…

I have Openfire configured to use LDAP. Fastpath seems to pull the agent name from the FN (Full Name) variable under ldap.vcard-mapping. Is there a way to have the agentname be pulled from the nickname variable?

I am not opossed to decompiling class files, or repacking jar files…I just want this working. Has anyone successfully changed the way the agentname is generated in Fastpath?

Source code is open, so no need to decompile! Off hand I don’t know not using LDAP, but probably with some research, you can find out how to do it.

… I realize the code is open source. I was implying that I am open to any solution even if it means some lengthy coding.

Ok I solved this issue. While browsing the code, I saw several mentions of “nickname” and on a hunch I updated the ldap.vcard-mapping for . When I orginally configured the server, I only mapped the default LDAP fields. So, Nickname was blank. I reconfigured the vcard-mapping to say {givenName} (which can be done by editing the ldap.vcard-mapping property or redoing the Profile Settings for the server).

Now, when my users accept a chat through FastPath only their first name is displayed.