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Fastpath - Agent's Chat Window Not Opening


I have everything installed and all appears to be working good. There is only a couple things wrong:

  1. If I go to http://server:9090/webchat/ I do not see any departments or chat buttons there. I see the page that states that there is supposed to be something below, but there is nothing below.

  2. User’s can start a chat from the web form and the chat requests come into the operator, however when the operator clicks on ‘Accept’ nothing happens with the chat request.

A. The user still sees that the chat request is pending, and waiting to be accepted.

B. The operator doesn’t get a chat box to speak with the user.

How can we fix this, as we would like to integrate FastPath into our website, but we first need to get it working on the internal network / in our development testing phase.

OpenFire runs on a Windows 2003 Server


Larry B

you may need to run the fastpath war file from another server other than your openfire box. ports will conflict, etc, if you dont and its just easier that way. try spinning up a new linux box and throw tomcat on it, open the ports needed in iptables, then deploy the war file.