Fastpath Application Integration with SSL Certificate

Hi there,

First of all, we’‘ve been using fastpath for a while now and it’'s great. It has sure cut down on our phone support!

Now we’‘re wanting to add the fastpath icon into our own software in order for clients to easily initiate an instant messaging conversation with a representative. We’'re able to display the online/offline icon and initiate a chat just fine.

There is only one problem. When the user first opens the application, they’'re receiving a dialog box to accept a certificate being used with wildfire. Is there a way to automatically accept this certificate in VB or is there a way around this?

Unfortunately we’'re in the medical field and all conversations with clients have to remain encrypted. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

-Ben Molloy

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The only way I could get our cert to work was to follow the directions here…

We use a wildcard cert for secondary systems like chat, and that caused lots of problems. I’'m trying to get the word out on how to make them work, as I spent the better part of a day working on it.