Fastpath authentication

I am having a problem when Web Authentication is enabled for Fastpath. After a minute or so, a window pops up saying that the session has been ended by the agent, when this not the case. If authentication is removed, sessions work correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



When using the web authentication, you are specifying their username and password to do so? It will need to match up.



Hey Derek, Thanks for the reply. Fastpath is authenticating against Active Direstory, and that is working fine. It is after authentication has taken place and the chat session has begun. About twenty second later, the window appears, saying that the session has been ended by the agent. Let me know if you need more information. Thanks…Travis

Thanks for the report. I’ve gone ahead and filed ENT-169 to fix this issue.



Hi Derek,

Is this bug fixed. I am facing the same problem. Can you please tell me the ROAD MAP ahead to fix this issue.

I’m afraid Derek won’t reply. Last message in this thread is 4 years old and Derek is not working on Openfire/Spark probably for 5 or more years (if he is working at Jive anymore). Nobody is currently working on Fastpath, so no road map, no time frame. Maybe it won’t be fixed ever.