Fastpath: Automatic canned response as first message

I’'ve got a feature request for FastPath: the ability to specify a canned response that will automatically be sent at the start of each session.

The response would ideally be set to something like “Hi {{name}}, how can I help you?” - it saves the agent time as they can just accept the chat and go back to what they were doing, while waiting for the customer to write their first message.

I’‘ve had a look through the settings and I don’‘t think it’'s possible to do this at the moment.


It is not possible from the Canned Responses at this time, but it is possibly (without macro) from Personal macros in the client. In Spark, click on “Macros”, and then fill out the “Initial Response” box. This will be placed into the conversation on the start of each one.



Ah, thanks. That will do for now.