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Fastpath connecting to AIM

Hello there.

I am new to the Openfire product and have a newbie question. I have the server up and running and everything is working great. Is there a way to have a login on say AIM/ICQ/MSN/Yahoo, etc that would be an entrance to a queue into the Fastpath queue? I have the plug-in working to get messages to / from AIM, but am looking to see if that can be an entrance to the Support team.

Thanks in Advance!


I don’t think so. The way FP service is set up, Spark IM chat client services the FP request queue when logged in as a FP support rep whereas customers access the support queue via web based javascript. That said, you could possibly have a single user id ‘support’ in Openfire, that users can send messages to, and the user logged in a support can answer, but this would be separate to FP entirely.