Fastpath Continued Develpment?

I’ve been digging through the community pages looking for some bug fixes for Fastpath and it looks like the Fastpath Project isn’t under development anymore. Is there a possibility of that changing? Is the group satisfied with where Fastpath is or did development stop for another reason?

BTW: These are the bugs I’ve been looking for solutions to:

  • New chats are being passed to random queues. I would like to have an “Operators Queue” that would handle incoming requests and pass them to the proper queue.

  • When transferring a chat to another queue, the operator can only see the queues that they are in. They can transfer to a specific person, but that person cannot transfer the chat session again. It is transferred as standard conference instead of a Fastpath queue.

  • The best workaround I found was to set up the operators be one workgroup and everyone else be an individual workgroup. If I put everyone in each workgroup, they can see all the workgroups when they transfer a chat. The spark user has to sign in to the right Fastpath workgroup and everything is good. The downside is spark doesn’t currently have the ability to auto login a user into a specific workgroup. This is supposed to be a new feature of Spark 2.7.

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