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Fastpath Display Chinese Bug

I found Fastpath to add staff in the use or transfer into the chat conversation, when, if the user is the Chinese name will appear garbled.
Please provide what help, very grateful! Or provide what Fastpath3.1.1 source code, so I can be modified.

I have to solve this problem, this is not a bug.

If this is not a bug and your question is solved, then mark this thread as Answered

The problem is that the JRE can not find the correct Chinese font files caused. We can use the official Java solution http://java.sun.com/javase/6/docs/technotes/guides/intl/fontconfig.html
Can also modify the Spark of the src / java / org / jivesoftware / spark / component / JiveTreeCellRenderer.java ,the code setFont (new Font (“Arial”, Font.BOLD, 12)); revised setFont (new Font ("Dialog ", Font.BOLD, 12)); that can solve this problem.