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Fastpath Help! Port, and Tomcat?

I got Fastpath to work (albeit the Spark tab not on one of my PCs…).

My question, I don’t want it running to where someone can hit my Admin console from the web.

So I got Tomcat installed and running. I copied the webchat.war into the \webapps\webchat folder, went to the manager to install it, it said OK.

However I can’t directly browse to http://localhost/webapps/webchat ??

yes correct,did u try with out logining to tomcat manager…I mean directly run the application…(Ex:http:localhost:8080/webchat)

You mean doing this?


Tried and failed. I get the Tomcat error page:

HTTP Status 404 - /webapps/webchat

type Status report

message /webapps/webchat

description The requested resource (/webapps/webchat) is not available.

Apache Tomcat/5.5.27

we installed webchat in tomcat’s manager gui and using http://localhost:xxxx/webchat. Our tomcat is 5.5.23. xxxx is your tomcat port. I was able to get to setup-index.jsp but soon press submit, I get errors. I wrote up a discussion, http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/thread/36464?tstart=0, to see if anyone know the problem. I did some research in this community and there was able that it does work with tomcat5 but with tomcat6.

I would like to hear your process since your tomcat is 5.5.27.

Here’s what I did.

  1. Installed Tomcat from the EXE.

  2. In the webapps folder, created a webchat folder and put webchat.war into it.

  3. I think went through the manager and “activated” webchat.war.

  4. ???

Don’t create the webchat folder.

Drop the webchat.war file in the WebApps folder of TomCat. This will deploy automatically, the webchat folder will create it’s self; then navigate to the folder using the web address. **Remember you don’t need to add webapps to the address, this is your root directory

go to http://yoursite.com:0000/webchat and then you will have to run the set up to configure it with your openfire Domain name and listening port.

We were able to get tomcat to deploy webchar.war automatically and have reached the setup-index.jsp where it asks server name and port. We type in the extra info we’ve on fastpath plugin in openfire (which works) and get errors. I wrote up a discussion about this and really need help. http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/thread/36464?tstart=0

That worked! Now all they’ve got to do, from external source, is hit

server.domain.com/webchat:0000 ???


you need the port before the path