FastPath - How to use 'Live Chat' button

We have just installed and set up the FastPath Service and Web Chat plugins. We tested them by going to the Tools tab in the FastPath section of the admin console. I have a specific place to put the Live Chat button on my page, but the following directions were a bit unclear to me:


Copy this HTML Code wherever you would like to place a “Chat with me” button. This code will

display the correct presence information for this workgroup by either being online or offline. (You must replace the url to the actual jivelive.jsp page)

<!-- Insert this snippet where you would like the Chat button image to show up -->

<script language=“JavaScript” type=“text/javascript” src=“url to jivelive.jsp”></script>


<!-- End Of Spark Fastpath Snippet -->

How do I know what the URL to my jivelive.jsp page is?

the URL is generally the same as the URL you get by clicking the tools link for fastpath (i.e.