Fastpath is not pulling the groups from Active Directory

I have integrated Active Directory with Openfire.I could see all the users and groups coming up in the openfire users/groups tab. I also have a fastpath plugin in openfire. The question is how do i add a group from the active directory into one of the fastpath queue. I see in the fastpath queue there is a option to add groups. But when you click on the Browse link which is next to the add button it doesn’t bring any groups from Active directory. Is this a bug in fastpath? Is this been fixed in the new version of openfire/fastpath?? I’m using openfire version 3.6.4.

I think it is designed to use only internal groups, not the ones imported from AD. There is no newer version of Fastpath plugin (actually it doesn’t even work with 3.7.0 Beta, it should be updated to support new Openfire version).