FastPath not updating with users

I have Openfire 3.5.2 installed on a Windows 2003 server with IIS6. I have the FastPath plugin installed as well as the web chat plugin.

I’ve created a couple of work groups and they don’t ever update with the members that I add to the group. Each time I click on the Tools tab under FastPath, it shows the groups as being offline. There are people logged in that should be part of the group.

Any idea why this would be occuring?

I also keep getting HTTP Error 500 messages which seem to be related to Java.

Help please.

bump for an answer or maybe some help

Eric… are your users using windows vista?

I am having problems with fastpath not updating users too. This happened after we bought new machines with windows vista. The users that were working fine with windows xp, now are having problems with vista. Spark client works fine, but the fastpath tab doesn´t appear to them. They’re using Spark v. 2.6.0 beta and the server is running Openfire v.3.5.1… could anyone help please? We’re using the fastpath plugin to provide realtime tech support by chat, half our support team is now “offline”…