Fastpath Overflow Queue


Would like to understand the overflow concept in fastpath. When users in primary queue are handling max chat, would need the chats waiting in queue to be forwarded to the over flow queue. Kindly let me know if this can be achieved or any solutions to the above.

Balaji S

You just described exactly how it works. That overflow queue can be a random available queue, or a predetermined queue that you create or one of your existing queues

But it does not seem route to overflow queue when chats are waiting in primary queue.Only when no agents are available in primary queue,it does route to overflow.

Would like to configure in such a way, so that any chats waiting in queue will move to overflow queue.

I never actually tested that theory yet, I just assumed. Are you sure this is the behaviour? If so, you’ve explained some issues going on with my groups and requests not being handled.