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FastPath PHP Config

Hi guys,

i’m new in openfire and i think that’s a great software. I’m trying to configure main options of openfire from other php software and I have no problem with User management through PHP thanks to UserService plugin. But now I’m try to manage Queue in FastPath but If I try to use fopen(of php) with next url: http://:9090/plugins/fastpath/workgroup-queue-create.jsp?wgID=&name =queue1&createQueue=true, I need authenticate and call to fread returns jsp code of the login window.

Are there any possibility to do some jsp pages go out of the authentication system?

I’m try to update database outside of openfire but it’s impossible. If I update fpQueue, fpDispatcher and ofID tables nothing occurs. When I create a new Queue ofRRDs and ofProperty changes also but I don’t know how update these tables to work directly outside of openfire application.

These ways are two ways I’m trying to manage queue form PHP but I don’t know how conitnue and If someone could help me I will be very greatfull.



This is what I do to call Openfire jsp’s via PHP. Basically login and store the auth cookie in a file on the file system. Then when wanting to make calls into the admin console, use the cookie file. You can also unlink the cookie file from the file system afterwards.

<?php $curl_cookie_jar = "/tmp/opf_cookie." . rand() . ".dat"; /* Login to OPF */ $curl_req = "/usr/local/bin/curl -s -D " . $curl_cookie_jar . " " . "-d username=" . $opf_uid . " " . "-d password=" . $opf_pwd . " " . "-d login=true " . "\"[http://localhost:9090/login.jsp](http://localhost:9090/login.jsp)\" 2> /dev/null"; system($curl_req, $ret_val); /* delete the room */ $curl_req = "/usr/local/bin/curl -s -b " . $curl_cookie_jar . " " . "-d roomJID=" . $opf_chatroom . "@conference.my-domain.com " . "-d delete=" . urlencode("Destroy Room") . " " . "\"[http://localhost:9090/muc-room-delete.jsp](http://localhost:9090/muc-room-delete.jsp)\" 2> /dev/null"; system($curl_req, $ret_val); unlink($curl_cookie_jar); ?>

Greatfull solution. Thank you very much. This is an elegant and very useful answer. All work fine.