Fastpath plugin's customization

Already have discussed its possibilities in blog post with Gato. This could be handy in our local network. But i want to do this more simple. Now it’s more suitable for web support. And i’m missing some customization options. So maybe this could be added in next versions.

What i want to do is to add workgroup’s JID to shared roster, like “Support”. Then a user (say a novice employee) can open a chat window and ask a question at once, without any confirmations or filling the form. Because this is an internal network and user’s name is enough. After sending the message user will get a standard notification, that his query is transferring and so on. I have tested adding workgroup to a roster. But it seems i cant fully customize the Query part. If i remove all forms it will start blank queue. And it is still asking to start or not the chat session. And after closing and opening workgroup chat window and trying to type something else it asks about another invitation into the room. Actually i had to restart Fastpath plugin to get rid of that continuous question about invitation (neither answer seemed to please it).

Another idea is to have an option to keep everything just in simple chat window (without group chat invitation). But i dont know if this is possible to achieve (agent connecting to a workgroup’s chat window). With group chat it’s easier to just join the room.

This is just the ideas which came up after trying Fastpath and thinking about fitting our needs. Dont know what is current development state of that plugin (after open-sourcing it). Not sure if my suggestions would be useful for the main userbase.

Btw, in Spark such a workgroup “contact” could show offline presence bubble. because now it just shows workgroup’s name and breaks common design, when there is no online agents. Also there is some issue with presence synchronizing. After agent gets online workgroup is still showing offline until you relogin.