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Fastpath Port Issues

Hi Guys

We now have the Fast Path system installed and running nicely within our Network but we are wanting to make it available so that people can access the system externally

Currently the link points to http://Servername:9090/webchat/live

The webchat service should not run on port 9090 since this is the administration port which should be wrappered and restricted on the server since no-one but the service admin should have access to this

So how do go about changing this ?

I have seen a post about this before but i am just wanting a little more details becuase i am getting the impression that i am missing something ???

Have you deployed webchat onto it’'s own server (so that it is not part of Openfire itself)?

If not, that is what you need to do to get it on another port. Instructions on how to do this can be found in the documentation on the jivesoftware.com/support site (check out the Spark Fastpath and Opefire docs in the drop down list).

Specific excerpt:

The webchat application is specially configured to work as both a server plugin and standard web-application file that can be deployed into any application server (Tomcat, Resin, Weblogic, etc). Using the application as a plugin is suitable for evaluation purposes. In most cases, the webchat application will need to be deployed into a separate application server for a production deployment. To do so, copy the plugins/webchat.war file from your Spark Fastpath server installation to the webapps/ directory of your application server.

Thanks for the quick reply,

We have not deployed the webchat onto a separate application server server yet but its something that we are looking into doing ASAP.

In the mean time I am still surprised that you cannot run this application on the same sever(realize you can run it as a plugin), is there no way around this as ideally we would like to keep everything on the same server but because of the port issue this does not seem to be possable ?

You could deploy it on tomcat on the same server using port 80. I think by default, Openfire uses ports: 5222 (can use 5223 if using old SSL), 5275, 9090, 9091, 3478, and 3479. Port 80, which is what you would want to use, is not used by Openfire.

So, just install tomcat, set it up to use port 80, and then deploy the webchat plugin into tomcat.

Thanks for the last reply Kevin -

Sadly we are still having problems -

We have Installed Tomcat on our Openfire server and that all up and running fine

The problem appears when the “User” fill’'s out the online form (Name, Email, Question) and hits submit, The screen then changes to" routing your request "but there is nothing show with regards to where you are in the queue (Just a empty space) ???

On My machine that’'s running Spark with FastPath, I get the incoming Chat request and I can accept that but nothing changes on the Users Screen it just stays on “routing your request”

Does anyone have any idea’'s ???


Which version of Tomcat are you running? I know in older versions of Tomcat, the XML Parser used within the catalina container could cause issues with the DWR Ajax code we use.