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Fastpath Routing

Is it possible to send a Fastpath webchat request to all members of a workgroup simultaneously? With default settings, it seems to send the request to one agent at a time, waiting for him to decline or for the request to time out before forwarding it on to the next available agent. For our situation, that won’t work - the request needs to be sent to available agents simultaneously, with the first to respond being given the issue. If you’re interested in context, here’s our situation:

I’m trying to set up Fastpath for the real-time escalation of support issues to our level 2 support guys. It actually seems to work really well for this purpose, except for one thing: I can’t figure out how to send an incoming chat request to all members of a workgroup simultaneously. Here’s the desired workflow:

  1. Level 1 support escalates the issue in our issue tracking system

  2. Our tracking system posts the issue information to queue.jsp, thereby starting a webchat session and adding the ticket to the default Fastpath queue

  3. All logged-in members of the level 2 support team (and the corresponding Fastpath workgroup) are simultaneously notified of the ticket

  4. If a level 2 guy is available, he accepts the issue, and sends a message with his phone extension back to level 1. If nobody responds in 20 seconds or so, the level 1 support person lets the client know that no one’s available, and someone will eventually pick it up from our issue tracking system.

  5. Level 1 conferences in the available level 2 guy, and passes off the issue.

Currently, real-time escalation only occurs when a member of the first level support team puts the user on hold, runs across the hallway, and begs for someone to take the call. So although this isn’t the most elegant solution, it’s a huge improvement.

Implementing everything required for this to work was pretty simple, and only took a few hours. The only thing I can’t get past is the simultaneous notification thing. If there’s some setting I’m missing, or some workaround I’m not aware of, please let me know.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Maxwell,

I too am looking at how Fastpath routing works as well. I see it uses the ‘RoundRobinDispatcher.java’ to perform this work, but it may be possible to code and replace it with a ‘BroadcastDispatcher.java’ of my own creation. The Admin console (web src) could use an updating to add a HTML checkbox to activate this feature, but seems it should be possible. I’ll need to look into it further to work out all the details, but this seems to be the way to do this and folks at my job have been asking about this kind of feature. From past searches of ‘Fastpath Routing’, I see this issue has been requested in the past as well, but do not see a provided solution. I don’t think this code will provide the level of customization that you are requesting, but will at the very least provide the ability to send a Fastpath webchat request to all members of a workgroup simultaneously.



See http://svn.igniterealtime.org/svn/repos/openfire/trunk/src/plugins/fastpath/src/ java/org/jivesoftware/xmpp/workgroup/dispatcher/RoundRobinDispatcher.java

I’d like to see this too. In our company, we frequently have several support personnel signed on but away from their computers, and it’s pointless to have a support request sit at a bunch of computers with no-one there before finding its way to a computer with someone at it.