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FASTPATH Setup Question

Hey Everyone,

First off, if you read this and think this is a stupid question… It is! So keep on reading and help a brotha’ out!

I’ve setup Openfire with Spark IM and it’s running great. I’ve gotten the courage to setup FastPath because it would be cool if our customers could chat with us if need be. I love the sound of real time communication.

The chat server works great internally… Both Openfire and FastPath… but I want to setup FastPath on our website. How in the heck do I do that?

Our website is externally hosted, so how do I get them linked and running? I’ve hosted websites before but never ran an application and hosted a webpage from different locations.

Any suggestions would be great!



Gettin gthe link to fastpath on the Remote web server is the easiest part of this whole endevor. It is just a javascript you place on your web page. The difficult part is the fact that your Openfire server need s to be configured correctly to allow external access.

How to configure Openfire for External Access:

  • set openfire server name to a fully qualified domain name that can be resolved by external DNS (e.x. chatserver.domain.com)
  • set xmpp.domain to same name as server name
  • generate new self-signed certificates or purchased certificates using the same name as above
  • create an external DNS entry (a record) for the new name from above
  • open all required ports for the transports (5222, 5223, 5269, and 9090 if fastpath is installed on the openfire server)
  • use the new server name for all client connection internally and externally.