Fastpath & transcript emails

Is it possible to, instead of offering to send the transcript to the end user in an e-mail, to send the transcript to a specified address using the specified users email as the from address? I would like to have the system just automatically submit chats into our help desk ticketing system for followup, resolution, and tracking.

I’m looking for the exact same thing. I’m currently trying to do this on my own, but was wondering if you’d solved this for yourself in the meantime, and if so, how?

Transcript sending is invoked in transcriptmain.jsp, look for the following which should give you idea how to go about it:

String to = ParamUtils.getParameter(request, “to”);

String sessionID = StringUtils.parseName(chatSession.getRoomName());

boolean transcriptSent = false;


transcriptSent = wgroup.sendTranscript(to, sessionID);


What I would do (or try to do, as I’m not very Java programmer) is simply add following after above section (adjust the help desk’s email)

String toHD = "";

boolean transcriptSentHD = false;

transcriptSentHD = wgroup.sendTranscript(toHD, sessionID);


Last minute update: I have tested above with Gmail account and works fine for me…

I saw that but:

  1. It needs to be added somewhere before, since that code will only get triggered when user submits the form to send himself a transcript


  1. I want the email sent to me to have the from address of the user, otherwise I’ll have a huge mess of transcripts which I’ll need to startediting by hand as they come in to go to the correct user.

But thanks for taking the time to reply

  1. Suppose you can throw it before closing chat session

// Close Chat Session


but you will need to get SessionID

String sessionID = StringUtils.parseName(chatSession.getRoomName());

String toHD = "";

boolean transcriptSentHD = false;

transcriptSentHD = wgroup.sendTranscript(toHD, sessionID);

  1. tricky one since From: is defined globally per workgroup, but apart of that you don’t have guarantee that user will provide address unless you make it mandatory

And honestly best option would be to get devs to put something in place, instead of us patching here and there

  1. Yes.

  2. The user address is less of a problem for me. The from address is the bigger problem.

I’d be happy to contribute myself, but the webchat uses some odd combination of old smack (in workgroup.jar) and new smack libraries. If I could find the exact sources used to compile workgroup.jar, I’d just make a second function to grab the user’s mail from the chat session where it already exists, grab the From address for the workgroup and send the transcript FROM the user’s email TO the “from” address.

Just created feature request, probably would be better this way, and beneficial for all, especially these without knowledge about programming.


Having actually put some thought into this, the place to patch is probably the server fastpath plguin, not the webchat plugin. Basically, to hook on detection of a closed session and trigger that to send the"internal" transcript. If left in the webchat plugin, transcripts won’t be sent if the end-user does a hard disconnect of their browser session.

Was thinking the same, to leave this action to the process over which user has no control, at server side. Suppose whoever will be reviewing our notes/suggestions for the OF-447 will take these into account.

OK - this is the “hidden feature” mentioned in this thread ( - however, it’s a static from, to and subject for the entire openfire server, which doesn’t help me (and I imagine not the other ppl who’ve been quietly asking me about this since my original post). That hidden feature ALSO sends a second copy of the transcript to the agent’s email (which I don’t want at all)

I’m going to try to dig at the fastpath plugin source a bit more and see if I can find some low hanging fruit to make this a bit more customizable.

I can’t figure out how to attach files here, so see the new thread at for a patched version of fastpath which supports this

When doing a reply, press Use Advanced Editor in the RTE window. Then it will show an option to attach files below.

Found it I’ll know better for next time. Thanks wroot.