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Fastpath: Using Workgroup Variables

Hi all,

we are using Openfire and Fastpath and are very pleased with it. We use it in our intranet where the users have to log in anyway. Today I tried to replace the form where an user enters his name by a form variable so that he don’t has to enter his username. I was very pleased to find the “Workgroup Variables” / “Form variables” option which seems to be exactly what I need. However I just cannot get it to work, and unfortunately don’t find any information or documentation about this option in the web or in this forum.

I used “Request Parameter” as “HTTP Type”, “user” as “Name” and “Assign new name”. On my calling site I use “”.

I didn’t get the other HTTP Types to work either.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for any idea that points me in the right direction!

Regards Sebastian