FastPath Webchat and OpenFire 3.9.3

I’m running OpenFire 3.9.3 on CentOS 6.5.


FastPath 4.3.1

FastPath Webchat 4.0.2

You can start the process of initiating a webchat just fine. The LiveChat window comes up and the user is invited to enter their info. Click the “Start Chat” and the agent is prompted to accept, but when the agent accepts, nothing further happens.

The above FastPath and Webchat work fine with OpenFire 3.8.2

Does anyone have any ideas here - other than the obvious use OpenFire 3.8.2? I haven’t been able to find anything in the logs that point to an issue.

Thanks much from Oregon

Can youn try with 3.9.1? -3.9.1-1.i386.rpm

or just substitute version number if you download it some other way. Wonder is it another thing broken in the 3.9.2/3.9.3 release.

The issue exists in 3.9.0 and 3.9.1 I haven’t tested 3.9.2.

It really seems to be an issue with FastPath and not necessarily the webchat portion. I’ve put the webchat onto a tomcat server on a separate server instance and observed the traffic.

Webchat is talking xmpp to the OpenFire server and the anonymous session is being created. It stops there. FastPath doesn’t appear to be passing the session off to the agent who accepts the chat request. The webchat part just sits there waiting for an acceptance. When you click the “End” button on the webchat part, the session is properly destroyed.

Since it’s just xmpp, I should be able to test this with a Spark client and connect to the FastPath workgroup. I’ll be testing that on monday.

If anyone can point me to the parts in FastPath that handle handing off the session, I’ll have one of our developers look into it monday. Be nice to get this fixed.

John in Oregon

On the 3.9.3 server, I had a user use Spark and open a chat to a FastPath workgroup. FastPath is not passing the session off to a member of the workgroup.

On the 3.8.2 server, it behaves properly. The chat request is passed off to an agent to accept and the chat is established. All good.

The problem is certainly an issue in the integration between FastPath and OpenFire. The latest FastPath works with OpenFire 3.8.2, so I’m guessing something on OpenFire 3.9.x

Does anyone have any ideas here? Where to look?

Issue solved!

It seems that FastPath is unable to handle having more than one group chat service defined.

In addition to the default “conference” service that is default, I had several other group conference services defined. Deleting all conference services but the default and all workgroups, then restarting the server, and creating the new FastPath workgroups seems to have solved this issue.

Important little gotcha: An agent cannot be an administrator of a group chat conference service.

Anyway, filed as OF-816. Should work with multiple group chat services, or it is just denying the purpose of having the ability to have multiple services.

I will attempt to recreate the issue again on my test server. It is looking like you need to have FastPath installed right out the chute and perhaps then start adding group chat services.

Lot of edge cases to test on this, but since we’re hanging a big ol hat on that hook, I need to do it anyway.

Is there somewhere to get a deb of that version? I tried a few different edits on that path, but couldn’t locate one. And alien is complaining about platform when I try to convert it.

Do you mean a deb installer of Openfire? Which version? 3.8.2 Ignite Realtime: Download Landing

There is no debs for plugins. They are all jars, except for the Webchat, which is war.

Thanks wroot, I got that file and also got the 3.9.1 . I’m going to test the fastpath for this issue. Did anyone ever test 3.9.1 like you asked?

Never mind, tried to regress from 3.10 to 3.9.1 couldn’t bring the server back up. So, no testing with earlier versions for me