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Fastpath webchat - No workgroups to chose


I setup fastpath service and webchat. Also i set up workgroups and all other stuff. It seems like it is working fine. When i go to http://chatserver:9090/webchat the web page loads and it says “Click on one of the following workgroups to join.” However there is no workgroup listed on the page.

Am i missing something?


you chat server’s server name, xmpp.domain, and site certificates must all match for fastpath to work.


My server name is “upt” FQDN is upt.domain.org

I checked the security tab in openfire console. There is two certificates show that *.domain.org

How do i check xmpp?

EDIT- Ok i found xmpp domain too. It is domain.org


Server Name: domain.org

XMPP domain: domain.org

Certificates: *.domain.org

they all need to be the FQDN. the xmpp.domain is found in the server properties.

So they all need to be “upt.domain.org

I will try that now.

How do i change the server name in openfire console. On the server informaion page it still shows the server name as domain.org


I changed the xmpp domain to FQDN and openfire stopped working. I even could not log in to the admin page. I had to go find the configuration file under the embedded database folder and change it back. Any ideas??