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Fastpath webchat plguin problem


I am getting error when try to add fastpath webchat plugin.

I am using openfire at windows 2008 and oracle as repository.

Error message: unable to load plugin. Try again later.

I was trying to install webchat fastpath plugin from admin console.

I click at first link after Fastpath webchat .

My installtion has no webchat.war


Webchat is specially configured to work as both a server plugin and standard web application file that can be deployed into any application server (Tomcat, Resin, WebLogic, and so on). Using the application as a plugin is suitable for evaluation purposes.

In most cases, you will need to deploy the webchat application to a separate application server for a production deployment. To do so, copy the plugins/webchat.war file from your server installation to the webapps/ directory of your application server.

Start the server and go to a URL such as the following:


At the beginning of the setup process, follow the onscreen instructions.

Note: Be sure that the Webchat server name is the Openfire server name. You can find this name in the Openfire Admin Console at Server > Server Settings.

I download webchat.war from openfire´s site.

Now when I access http://my_server:9090/webchat i got :

List of available workgroups within Fastpath

Click on one of the following workgroups to join

I reviewed my conf and rebooted the server.

It still doesn´t display no workgoups to connect in.

When i start openfire it shows:

Openfire 3.6.4 [06/08/2009 14:39:53]

Console de Administração ouvindo em:



Starting Fastpath Server

I need to change it to http://chat.cmtsp.com.br:9090

At admin console, when i click at fastpath i can see the workgoup with status OPEN but i cant see it at http://server:9090/webchat