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Fastpath webchat RAPID timeout

I’m sure that I just didn’t read the frakin manual enough… (btw, love the software)

when I added the fastpath and webchat plugin, all went well.

created a few workgroups (support@workgroup.server…)

added a few users

and I click on tools and then the cute lil “live help” icon for support (which I am the only member now)

I put in all the needed stuff and then start the chat session. all good.

Then less than 45 seconds later it says that the ‘user’ that clicked on the Live chat icon has left.

I’ve changed ALL the timeouts to like… 900s+

no change. always aborts with no input, with lots of text between the two users (I have set up a separate account and that does the same thing)

why, o why does this beautiful webchat die so fast and is there a fix?


p.s. - it ‘sends’ the transcript - I see it in thunderbird - with an attachment paperclip… but when I click on any of the mail… there is no paperclip and no transcript. hmmmm
FlashCrossDomainHandler.diff.zip (854 Bytes)


I have the same problem, because when Im navigating in the server sometimes the

session timeout finished early!

Do you know how to correct this problem yet??

Thank you in advance!

Webchat has a different web.xml and it has a tag

If you remove this, the session doesnt go If we are working with the webchat.