Fastpath webchat setup can't connect to server

After installing both enterprise and fastpath, the webchat set tup alwas displays ’

Could not connect to server. Please check that the domain and port are valid.’ everything else works fine, clients can connect to the server im services with no problem, but the fastpath webchat set up can’t connect, even when I use the exact same server name and port 5222, I even tried ports 5223, and 9090, but still nothing.

I’ve ran through similar steps and I only had issues when my license was invalid. Once I updated it Fastpath and Web Chat was working fine.

My license is a temporay evaluation issued to me via email, there’s no license errors.

I’m curios as to when you tested it on a machine, is the machine on a LAN or on the WAN? If on a LAN, is it connected via an internal DNS?

Also is the testing machine a windows or linux? Because I have found by running it on my windows machine it works perfect in all areas, but the problem lies in when running it under Linux. It seems because Linux is geared towards securiy and has much more that can go wrong, windows seems to be more easier to configure, etc etc, but!,the biggest drawback with windows, is that it’s more prone to attacks than Linux.

So the esiest weay would be for someone to take a fully working openfire installed on a Linux machine, then packaged into an rpm, with an interactive setup which would include options for auto configuring bind/named, also with options for auto detecting an SELinux build, and configuring it’s permissions accordingly.