Fastpath webchat still not fixed in v3.5.1 of openfire

I’ve just upgraded openfire to 3.5.1 from 3.5.0, the previous sparkweb errors have been fixed, but not the fastpath webchat, when I try to initally set up fastpath, the default entries for openfire server name and port match the openfire name and port 5222, but when I click on ‘Continue’ I get:-

Could not connect to server. Please check that the domain and port are valid.

The openfire server name matches the machine’s domain name, so the fastpath entry also matches both the openfire server name and the machine domain name, there shouldn’t be any problems, and as it’s all running on a network, the firewall is only between the WAN and LAN, which means there shouldn’t be any problems testing it.

Same issue here. Was beginning to wonder if this needed to be updated to reflect something new in 3.5.x and wasn’t updated, or if it was user error on my part.

This a bit out there, but do you have annonymous logins allowed on your server?

Server -> Server Settings -> Registration & Login

This needs to be enabled for fastpath to connect. We ran an instance of fastpath on a Fedora 4 machine for over a year without a hitch. Our upgrade to 3.4.5 went screwy though, and we were never able to get things to work correctly (not just the fastpath, but everything). Since then we’ve migrated over to a Windows 2K3 machine and haven’t looked back. We even have our clients connecting from another server sitting in a DMZ with no problems.

If you have the fastpath webcaht in the openfire plugins directory it your domain has to ber set localhost.It will only work on your local.If you want to use fastpath webchat the webcaht site has to be in a another server like tomcat or any java do this I recommend that you downloade and install the apache tomcat server and install then copy or upload the webchat war file to your web apps then restart you tomcat nav. your browser to http://youdomain:port#/webcaht then in url put your domain name of your openfire server.Once you have dun that ext the page and re nav. to the same url>