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Fastpath Webchat transcripts


I am new to Openfire and of course this community. I have setup Openfire and Fastpath for demo purposes at this time, and plan to use it for servicing customers through our website once I am comfortable supporting it.

One feature that I am looking to implement if possible, is having a chat transcript emailed to the customer service representative at the end of each chat, regardless if the Webchat user has requested a transcript of the conversation or not.

The purpose of this is to be able to attach the conversation to our document management system for permanent record. I know that Spark has a chat history, but am not satisfied with the manual process of copy and pasting from there – or even having to go in there and look for it. What I will need for my users is each transcript to arrive in email so that they can use the Outlook integrated toolbar to import it into our clients permanent record.

Is this feature there and I am just not seeing it? Or, has anyone implemented this already (and willing to share)?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


That would be an awesome feature, unfortunatley FastPath does not currently have it. It is possible though.

Any idea how I would go about adding this feature?

I don’t know java, but I would think it could be as simple as adding a variable containting the Spark client’s email address to the transcript email…

I’m picking up java so I can start to do this kind of stuff.

What I do know currently though is databases, and if you look inside the fpSession database you’ll find all the of contents of the transcript in a column attached to the session id which can be related to the agentID and name in the fpAgentSession and subsequently fpAgent. So you an pull together a nice tidy flat DB or csv export for storage/display/reporting needs.

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Good to know. I was considering some type of workaround using the database for now – even if it just went to a single email address each time a chat ended, it could be good enough for me. I have been looking at the source code, but not quite able to follow it since I have limited programming experience and this was the first time I ever even looked at java code .

Helpful info though, for sure.


rightly we have implementing this in our application. chat transcript will be mailed to the email id provided by the user based on the user’s interest.i will get back to u once we are done with it.

I would also be interested in this when it’s complete.

can you give me you implements,or source code .thanks;