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Fastpath : When room monitor leaves the conversation, message is visible on the webclient

Hi all,

I have installed and configured fastpath for helpdesk usage. I have configured some room monitors that will control the agents chatting with the clients.

When the monitor connects to a chatroom and then leaves it, a message saying that the corresponding user has left the room is displayed on the webchat client which in my opinion should not.

Does anyone have a clue ?



Are you seeing these leave messages in the Fastpath Webchat on the client side? I have tried this with 3 Sparks (one agent, one agen&monitor, one client) and everything was fine, nobody saw monitor connecting and leaving. But when i tried to connect with JBother as i client, i then saw a leave message. In any case agent (suing Spark) didnt see that leave message. So i’m interested in what client do you use or are you using the webchat. I cant test a webchat here.

So, it seems that in any case the packet is sent to the room, but Spark is designed not to show this message, if that belongs to the monitor. But it still receives it i think, so it probably possible to see in the packet monitor available in Spark. So, no real invisibility. Maybe it is required to send such a message, so the group chat service knows that it doesnt have to send new group chat messages to that node, that has just left.

I think i can try filing this in the bug tracker. But i want you to confirm about the webchat, so i will mention that too. But i’m not sure how this can be fixed, and most important, who will fix that, as nearly noone is working on fastpath anymore.

Hi wroot,

I confirm that I see the message on the webchat. The spark agent does not see the monitor leaving the chatroom, but the webchat user does.

I found that this was reported as a bug in the issue tracker http://www.igniterealtime.org/issues/browse/ENT-91

It is sad that no one is working on this plugin since it is of great usage.

Actually I am leading a team that is customizing openfire and fastpath for one of our client, and we did extensive work such as integrating an SMS chat plugin and did some bugs corrections. And I wanted to know if it is possible for us to become contributor in the openfire project, since we are facing some of the problems described in the tracker issue and we have managed to have some fixes for them.

So for this bug I think that we will work on it by ourselves, if you have any recommandations on how to resolve it, I would be grateful.



Hi. This is great that you are willing to contribute. I think you should sign an assignment for organizations and send it to Jive office (or fax). You can find the form here http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1733 I’m now waiting for an answer from Jive is that address still correct as they have new office in other city, but i think this should be ok.

Ah. It seems i have even added that bug ticket to my list of Fastpath bugs but forgot about it, good finding Probably you already saw my document about Fastpath with some guides, tweaks and list of bugs, that i was able to find in JIRA. http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1876

So. Sign that agreement if you wish and then you can either attach your patches in the forums and then I or someone else will attach them in the bug tracker. Or, if you want more involvement in the project, we can talk to Jive about giving you more permissions, like the rights to create tickets and attach files in JIRA. And maybe even SVN commit rights, though for this you have to complete a mentorship program, but i dont know who could be a mentor for you, as i said i know only one man (slicer321) who is doing something about Fastpath. Anyway, maybe it’s too early to speak about this. Would be already great if you submit one or two patches

I was right. The address has been changed. So, wait a little before signing the agreement. Benjamin said he will try to update pdfs and that doc soon.

Ok, thank you wroot

I would love to see some fixes and the SMS chat stuff. Thank you for anything you contribute.