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Fastpath wont connect to agent

i have Anonymous turned on and i have conference rooms set for anyone to setup.

When i click the icon to chat, i can type in my name, email, question and it will tell me i’'m waiting to be routed, but when the agent picks it up the client is never connected.

please help!

What are the names of the agent and workgroup? I’'m wondering if there is a conflict with the invitations.



Hi There,

I am also having this problem.

Any ideas?



Would you also provide the information ddman requested to help identify the problem?

Hi There,

I have logged in several agents to the Test workgroup (Default Queue).

It seems like the request never hits the server as the user never shows as being queued?



Would you try with Wildfire 3.2.2 and Spark Beta 3? I’‘m curious if this is a version issue. If this doesn’'t work, what Version of Wildfire and what version of Spark are you using?

Are there any details on how to upgrade Wildfire?

The upgrade document seems empty and the link on the site points to install?

Last time I upgraded I had to re-run the install process…is there a better way?



Yes, we posted it as an announcement in the Wildfire Support Forum. You can find it here: http://www.igniterealtime.org/forum/ann.jspa?annID=16

Upgrade did not go as planned - followed procedure but the problem was still there. For some reason the version number in the admin interface still showed 3.2.1

I made a backup and ran the install of 3.2.2 instead and that fixed the problems!!