[Fault] Openfire PEP does not send last published item to owner

According to XEP-0163

4.3.4 Sending the Last Published Item

As mentioned, a PEP service MUST send the last published item to all new subscribers and to all newly-available resources for each subscriber, including the account owner itself.

Openfire is correctly sending the last published item stored in the database to all subscribed users with PEP services. It however is failing to send the last published item to the item owner as well.

Has anyone else experienced this?. Is my interpretation of this correct?

Hi Dele,

I agree with your interpretation. Anyhow I have no idea which version of XEP-0163 is implemented and whether this definition did change.


Hi LG,

Thanks for pointing out the different versions of XEP-0163. I am going to assume that it was not implemented rather than a fault as I cannot find any references in the code.

I have decided to assume that the owner of the published item must keep a copy in private storage for persistence


… but ejabberd work with pep correct… why not openfire?

Does this bug still exist? It could explain why my ‘bots’ rarely do NOT receive notice of a publication (which they are the “owner” of).

Technically I’m using XEP-0060 Publish/Subscribe … but the publishing mentioned in XEP-0163 appears to be very similar, is it possible this bug exists for XEP-0060 as well?