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Fax events

2005.10.25 11:22:51 No event class registered for event type ‘‘faxreceived’’, attributes: {remotestationid=244689049, callerid=244689049, pagestransferred=1, exten=s, event=FaxReceived, filename=/var/spool/asterisk/fax/incoming/482/25104-1130235736.805.tif, transferrate=9600, resolution=3850, channel=Zap/1-1}

2005.10.25 11:22:51 buildEvent returned null

Any plans to support these fax events?

The log message is from the asterisk-java library (http://asterisk-java.sourceforge.net), once support is available for it in the library we can add support in asterisk-im.

The FaxReceivedEvent is only available if Asterisk has been patched with Steve Underwood;s spandsp patches. I added it to Asterisk-Java’'s latest CVS (AJ-20). It will be available with the upcoming 0.2 release of Asterisk-Java.