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Feature (bug?) report: lack of activity notification with many tabs

if i have several chat tabs open, such that some are hidden, and someone in a hidden tab messages me, there doens’'t seem to be any indiation of this. I have to 1) be suspicious that someone has messaged me and 2) scroll across the tabs and check them manually.

Upon further investivation, if it’‘s reduced, then i get blinking, but i still have to search for the active tab unless it’'s a brand new conversation



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Yes I’‘m having this same issue. It would nice to have the new tab flash to let you know that someone just sent you a message. The other tabs don’'t stand out very well by themselves right now.


Hi All,

What I will do is have the tabs stack instead of scroll. This will help with notification. Also, you can track the progress with SPARK-169.