Feature Discussion – Roaming Capability

We have been using Openfire/Spark for almost two years and been very happy with the functionality and performance provided by both products. The integration with Clearspace is providing some extended opportunities that we could see going much further.

Feature Discussion:

The following enhancements would provide great value to Openfire/Spark users -

  1. Spark - Roaming Capability - being able to logon from different locations - office, home, mobile notebook etc but “retain and share the same history” i.e. it follows the client logon.

  2. VOIP - Asterisk/SIP Integration as a Roaming Capability - a telephone number (fixed or mobile) is associated with each Spark iteration. This number is forwarded to Openfire when you logon and updates a dynamic field in the telephone field in the Asterisk/SIP plugin. It would also provide a forward command to the Asterisk server if it was not the default telephone/extension. This would allow for a single number to be referenced with the potential to remove the duplicity of services we all currently have.

Congratulations on a magnificent product, we look forward to further enhancements.

Sharing of history is already supported in Openfire with Open Archive plugin. Though there is no client to support this.