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Feature List

Hi all,

Where can I find the feature List of openfire? How can I check what openfire can do?

Best Regards.

There is no official feature list on this site. In general it can do what any standard xmpp server can do (send and store messages, support groups chats) also it has some non standard features like shared groups, LDAP integration.

That’s really strange. The wikipedia article has a feature list for your product, but you don’t?!?

I’m doing some research into comparing XMPP products, how am I supposed to compare yours to others without knowing it’s features?

Are you referring to me personally? I’m not an owner of this site or software. Just a bit more advanced and involved user, volunteer. I have been told many times, that changing anything on this site is very comlex and one has to be jsp editing guru for not to break everything. Personally i would wipe this whole site (leaving the forums) and put a few simple pages with project info (and features) and simple download links. But i’m not to decide, so we are coping with the Jive Software legacy (this site). The least what i can do is to copy that wiki stuff to a doc (btw, i have fixed that article, Openfire is not a dual-licensed anymore and is only under Apache license for a long time).

Here;s the document i have put (added a bit more stuff to that wiki info): http://community.igniterealtime.org/docs/DOC-2285

Feel free to add to it if i’ve missed out something.

Just made some edits to it so the extensions can be easily determined. I am sure that there are many more extensions that that, but I just changed the format to make it easy to add to.

Sorry, not meant as a personal criticism, rather a site criticism. I’m new to XMPP, don’t know anything about the history of openfire, but your post implies that this site (aside from the forums) is basically an orphan – that certainly makes its condition easier to understand. I guess the product is too, apparently continued and supported by volunteers.

Thanks for adding the DOC, that’s helpful.

A bit of history.

The original software (Openfire, Smack, Spark…) was written by a company called Jive software as open source. They were the main contributors and maintainers up until a few years ago. At that time they turned all aspects of the projects (development, maintenance and support) over to the community. They do generously provide some servers and software for running this site, providing svn and build servers.

There was a painful transition period where some projects had no leads and development stalled. That has picked up over the last year and a half or so, but the number of overall contributors is still fairly low. Unfortunately, they are all completely volunteer run projects, with no financial backing, so sometimes it is hard to get new people on board who can contribute on a regular basis.