Feature or bug? Subscribe to all online users?

I just recently started using Psi, and I had a very strange event occur. I have my server set up to notify me when new users sign up, and I got tired of having the server contact keep popping up in my roster and saying it was an unknown contact. So, I added it to my roster. Well, doing that caused something (I’‘m assuming Wildfire) to send subscription requests from me to every single person logged into my server. It’‘s not that big of a deal, but that was a bit bothersome. Is this a feature? Or is it a bug? I’'m using Wildfire Enterprise 3.0.1 and Psi 0.10. Thanks!


Okay, I’'m posting this again because I really think this is a bug. If a user (at least, using Psi) adds “foxybanana.com” to their roster, it subscribes them to every single user on the server. This is definitely not desirable, and it reveals JIDs of all people on the server. Could somebody pelase take a look at this, confirm it, whatever, and post a reply to this comment? This is with Wildfire Enterprise 3.0.1.


I agree, also with Spark one can see a very odd behaviour when adding a jid like "@server.com". One will create JM-813 to get this fixed asap.


Hey guys,

Thanks for the bug report! This was also reported on Friday and Gato quickly fixed it: JM-810. It will be part of the upcoming 3.1.0 release.