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Feature Request: Auto-append of server name when adding contacts?

We’'re evaluating numerous Jabber servers in a corporate environment. We run just one Jive Messenger server in isolation as of now (1.08). We will probably run this config even when we go live. The usual Jabber requirement is to have the format “username@servername” when you add a contact. If you neglect the servername, which my users will do, it bombs. It would be slick if the server could first try the username that was entered, then fallback to attempting to append its servername onto whatever the user enters.

So if I enter jsmith@Jiveserver as the contact I would like to add, it works fine. If I enter jsmith, the server is smart enough to see that no “@” exists, so it translates that by appending the current servername onto the request.

In 1.1, is there any chance this could become a feature? I see big benefits for corporate customers with just one server.

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Hi Mike,

Interesting. The reason this is ‘‘difficult’’ to support is that a plain name is a legitimate XMPP address defined to mean a server name. In XMPP it is valid to send messages to, and subscribe to presence of a server (although what a server on your roster means is not defined). Ideally the substitution of a full address for a ‘‘user name only’’ address would be done on the client by detecting the lack of a ‘’@’’ character, and maybe auto-filling a server name, or at least warning the user that they’'ve forgotten to add one. Email client applications do this for example when you just specify a username rather than a complete email address.

I understand though if it’‘s not practical to modify a client to have this behavior. I’‘ve filed a feature request and if there’‘s time I’‘ll try to fit it into the 1.1 release. We’'re really close to pushing 1.1 out the door so this one may have to wait until 1.1.1.


Thanks iain. Sure, waiting for 1.1.1 is certainly not a problem. We thought about changing/compiling a client to add this function, but it would be cool if it worked in all clients as a server function.

I’‘m anxiously awaiting 1.1 Enterprise to test the Jive LDAP support, so I’‘m glad to hear that’'s close to release!

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As a process based solution you could simply disable users ability to create new accounts and leave account creation to the Messenger admin. This is the approach we’'ve taken, not for the reason you cited but rather to ensure that everyone has the same username format (i.e. firstName.lastName@serverName).

Oops, never mind. I didn’'t read the original post carefully enough.

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Hey Ryan. Your idea doesn’‘t solve my contact addition, but it still has merit. Fortunately, we’'ll be using LDAP to authnticate, so making sure we have usernames in the format will be a non-issue (once 1.1 Enterprise is released with LDAP support).

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