Feature Request: Automatically share LDAP groups

I would like to be able to automatically share groups discovered via LDAP. Currently, we build our groups in AD, but still need to go to the Wildfire admin console to turn on sharing. It would useful if we could skip that step and only have to deal with AD. Thanks

Hey Cameron,

I added this feature request to JM-193. You can find it under the last item described in the jira issue.


– Gato

Hey, no fair! I’'ve already voted for that issue! Thanks, Gato

Matt, Gato, Whoever:

Could someone add this as a new JIRA issue? It was originally appended to the long list of stuff in JM-193, but that’'s been closed. I would still like to see this feature added to Wildfire. Thanks

This would need to be optional. I’‘ve got over 200 groups and don’‘t want them ALL showing up in people’‘s rosters. I’‘m in 20 of those and don’'t want to see them all.

Of course it would be optional. My original post asked for the ability to auto-share groups.

I’'ve filed this as JM-865. I think it would be a handy feature for some LDAP setups.

Thanks, Matt!! This thread was started back in April, but I’'ve been wanting this feature for over year. Thanks for putting it on your radar.

hi !

some time ago i had the same request, but like other users may have done, i’‘ve solved it by directly populating wildfire’'s database (in our case, postgresql) from ldap ;

technically, a perl script fetches groups from ldap and generate the appropriate sqls (see table jivegroupprop)

hope this helps…