Feature Request: Browser bookmark storage

Just to let you know, I’'m fully aware i am way out in left field with this request but i just want to get it stated somewhere

I work on many different computers during my day and use firefox on all of them (we are a Mac office, and I use Mac’'s/linux at home) and want a way to have my bookmarks synced across all desktops. I am aware that there are a few extensions capable of doing this already involving FTP, webdav, and google but I want to leverage the power of jabber not available in those methods. Besides having firefox push/pull my bookmarks from my jabber account on the wildfire server, i would like to be able to set some bookmarks as ‘‘shared’’ so that co-workers could have the shared bookmarks in there bookmarks, probably doing this via pub/sub. The case for that point would be having all of my company intranet sites pushed to the clients so they have the most up to date list, you could also use this to share bookmarks with friends.

I am not the first to think of this, there is one guy that seems to have had the exact same idea here http://halr9000.com/ideas/jabber-bookmark-storage/ and there exists a service for jabberd that kind of implements this here http://jbd.sourceforge.net/.

Just wanted to get it off my chest, I am not a good enough programmer to accomplish this (I have been trying) and perhaps someone out there could run with this.

I really like this idea. It would be interesting to build some contextual things around this, make it more back and forth - kinda like flock. Like see who is currently looking at what site or just send someone a link via a tag.


Hi rparrish,

This exact functionallity is in the Enterprise version. It allows you setup global/group/individual url and conference bookmarks.



Not quite, but probably using the same mechanisms (im guessing XEP-0048, XEP-0049).

I’'m not looking to store conference bookmarks and have the ability to share them, i am looking for a firefox extension (or some other suitable method) to save/sync the web browser bookmarks, and share those with people that are subscribed to me. To me is seems all the jabber technology exists to do this, there is just no ‘‘client’’ piece.

Hi Ryan,

Have you looked at del.icio.us?



Hi Derek,

I’'m interested in a standard so I can use either Wildfire or any other XEP-nnnn compatible XMPP server to store the bookmarks. And one may want to use the bookmarks also on the web page of the jabber service, so for igniterealtime.org also on www.igniterealtime.org.

It’‘s the same with vCards, here you did create something like this with this text “Java Swing nerd that can bench 380lb.” but it does not match your xmpp vCard. That’‘s probalby on igniterealtime.org’'s TODO list.


Yeah, I know about del.icio.us and like i said i know that there exists many ways of doing this already. I am also a ‘‘do it all myself, don’‘t trust external companies with my data’’ kind of guy, that is why i love Jabber - i control my server. Also i wouldn’'t want to put internal corporate links up on an external 3rd party.